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Acoustic Wave Therapy treats cellulite without surgery.
Smartlipo permanently zaps aways excess fat with only local anesthesia.
Vaser liposelection safely and smoothly removes excess fat.
Zerona low level laser shrinks fat cells painlessly and without surgery or risk.

Visit Dr. Hoffman's home page for more information: http://DKHoffmanMD.com

Dr. Daryl Hoffman welcomes you to his Board Certified Palo Alto, San Jose, and Los Gatos plastic surgery practice.  He is featuring Acoustic Wave Therapy, AWT, a new FDA approved treatment for CELLULITE.  This treatment uses sound waves to break up the septa in the skin that cause cellulite.  It is a similar process to lithotripsy, the procedure used to break up kidney stones without surgery.  AWT, however, is tuned to work on the cellulite.  Two weekly treatments for three weeks followed by one monthly treatment for two months will treat and improve cellulite in a majority of people (1). No surgery, non-invasive.  Contact us now DrHoffman@DKHoffmanmd.com for your appointment for AWT.

Zerona is a new laser treatment that shrinks fat cells non-invasively and without risk.  It is a "cool laser" that can't burn and is completely painless.  It temporarily make the fat cell membrane leaky allow fat to escape from the cell.  The body can then clear it away and eliminate it.  

Dr Hoffman also offers surgical treatment of excess fat including SMARTLIPO, VASER liposelection, tumescent liposuction, and tummy tuck.  He personally performs these procedures and Smartlipo in Los Gatos in a fully certified surgery center in Los Gatos staffed by board certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses.  Contact him now for a FREE consultation.

Smartlipo liposculpture is the latest advance in fighting fat.  It uses a laser to smoothly "ZAP" fat and tighten skin.  This machine, the Smartlipo MPX, uses two lasers delivered through a 600 micron fiber optic.  This means it is about as small as a toothpick.  The best part is it can be done under LOCAL ANESTHESIA.  See more at Smartlipo.com

VASER Liposelection uses high frequency sound to liquify fat so it can be removed more smoothly and in larger amounts.  The sound waves vibrate the fat cells so hard that they are shaken loose while leaving important blood vessels and nerves intact.  It also can be done with LOCAL ANESTHESIA.  Vaser is an excellent tool to harvest fat for fat transfer for Brazilian Butt Lift, Natural Breast Augmentation, and other uses.  See more at VASER.com

Visit Dr. Hoffman's American Society of Plastic Surgery web site for detailed procedure information and valuable resources:  http://www1.plasticsurgery.org/ebusiness4/md/DRDHOFFMAN.aspx

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Visit Dr. Hoffman's home page for more information: http://DKHoffmanMD.com

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